Senior Fullstack Developer

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Work Type: Full Time

What we are looking for

  • A strong technical foundation.
  • Curious about learning how things work.
  • Self motivated and passionate programmer and problem solver.
  • A team player with a positive attitude, eager to learn enough about whatever tools or tricks are needed to get the job done.

What we offer

  • Think through hard problems, and work with amazing people to make the solutions a reality.
  • Work in a dynamic, collaborative, non-hierarchical environment where talent is valued over job title or years of experience.
  • Build bespoke software using the latest technologies and tools.
  • Become part of an interdisciplinary team that wants to succeed.
  • Vacation, take it when you need it, no defined schedule.

Key Qualifications

  • 3+ years of software development experience in a B2B SaaS or B2C product.
  • Ability to work well with advanced Javascript techniques including asynchronous code execution, closure, complex scope resolution and execution context, custom event handlers.
  • Understanding of the object oriented programming paradigm and how it can be modeled using JS's prototypical inheritance.
  • Experience with REST API: design and implementation, client development, security considerations, etc.
  • Experience developing on a Git environment.
  • Database knowledge.

Nice te Have

  • Experience working with NodeJS
  • Experience working with React 
  • Experience with Typescript
  • Experience with MV* frameworks or such as Backbone, Ember, Angular or React and you understand the tradeoffs and gotchas associated with them
  • No-SQL Database knowledge.
  • Basic front-end skills (HTML, CSS).

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